AIS 140 GPS Device

The AIS 140 vehicle tracking units were designed, developed, and are now being manufactured by RDM Enterprises. The Indian automobile sector is the target market for these vehicle monitoring units. The development of AIS 140 GPS gadget goods has already begun at RDM Enterprises. RDM Enterprises has begun transitioning all of its vehicle monitoring and GPS tracking systems to the AIS 140 standard. RDM Enterprises also creates AIS 140-based panic buttons that will be installed in all Indian public transportation vehicles.

AIS 140 GPS Device Features
01GPS Tracking

Our AIS 140 GPS vehicle tracker device presents a solution to taxi drivers, school buses and commercial vehicles.

02RTO Approval

We offer market dominant Regional Transport Office (RTO) approved devices across India.

03SOS Button

In case of an emergency, the SOS Button or panic switch connected to our AIS 140 GPS devices will get you instant help!

RDM Enterprises PVT.LTD.

AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking system (VTS) Ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH) it had stated that the installation of AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking system along with the emergency button is mandatory now. Ministry of road transport has directed Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to publish set of standards called Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140). AIS 140 certified vehicle tracking system (VTS) Ministry of road transport.

04Live Alerts

Our GPS devices give you real-time alerts to track vehicles, prevent unauthorized use, monitor speeding, idling and fuel consumption.

05Pan India Service

Our efficient and user-friendly devices are available at all the major towns and cities of India; we provide quick services and installations to our customers.

06ARAI Approved

All our AIS 140 GPS Trackers are Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) certified.

RDM Enterprises