Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System

when interfaced with VTS forms an intelligent Advanced Driver Assistance System’s audio unit. The events and alarms detected by the VTS device will be given to voice box to play respective audio message. This is ‘Event message announcement’ device, specifically designed to be used in ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System’ (ADAS). The unit stores audio messages relevant to vehicle driver in the internal memory, and plays back specific audio file for given event.

Functional details:

The Audio Unit plays pre-recorded audio messages on receiving voice code. This OTA model has a facility to write new audio files in the internal memory via RS232 port. The RS232 port is always connected to VTS, meaning VTS can upload new audio files in Voice Box at any time. To play back the audio message, the interfacing unit (here VTS) will send a predefined ‘Voice code’ over serial RS232 port, Audio Unit will search appropriate message to be played and trigger audio circuits. Presently audio Unit can store in-all 160 messages (96KB each). The maximum file size and number of files can be altered as per customer requirement. The voice code is predefined and standardized with VTS manufacturer for ease of interfacing. After detecting event or alarm condition VTS will send any one of the voice codes to VTS over RS232 port at 57600 baud. Audio unit all the time monitors port activity. The received voice codes are placed in a queue for playing messages one after other. Audio unit implements a message queue of voice codes for 10 voice commands. Audio unit will play all audio messages in sequence of the received messages.


  • Microcontroller based design, with one serial RS232 port.
  • RS232 operating at 57600 baud.
  • Up to 160 audio message files can be stored in the internal memory.
  • Maximum Voice message storage capacity 2000 secs
  • Audio format – 8 bit mono ‘wav’ fine at 8KHz sampling rate.
  • Voice message play on the event received over serial port.
  • Inbuilt audio amplifier and speaker - 2inch 8ohm.
  • Operating voltage 9-30V DC
  • Enclosure size 84mm X 84mm X 52mm (hXwXd).
  • Enclosure material – ABS, Black or Gray color.
  • Bottom and side Mounting housing provision.
  • Speaker and PCB tempering detection.
  • Extended cable with Molex 5557-004 female connector for ease of interface. Cable length 250 mm.


Voice Box optimizes the balance between deep, flexible functionality and safety. Because drivers don’t have to ‘think about’ how to structure a command, they are less distracted. And independent research shows that consumers prefer Voice Box to other solution The Voice Box Unit is the record and playback unit, which will play the voices as per need. Majorly this unit is used in the logistic fields, and many official fields where a frequent guidance in the form of voice is needed

Basic use

  • Connect the Audio unit to VTS using connectors provided. Mollex connectors will make good connection and provide power and data connection.
  • Program VTS to send voice codes as per need.
  • Subsequently Audio unit will play messages according to detected voice codes.
  • Power input is polarity protected, still please confirm the correct polarity.

Mounting details

Sound unit is equipped with external flanges for mounting. Use M4 size screws provided with the packing. The box is designed to be capable of mounting horizontally or vertically. Audio unit preferably be placed vertically facing vehicle driver.

Desktop testing:

  • To test the Audio unit independently (without VTS), connect the cable to PC as per the connection details given bellow.
    • a. Red wire: +ve supply 9-30V DC
    • Black wire: -ve supply of power input
    • Yellow wire: Audio unit Tx
    • Green wire : Audio unit Rx
  • On PC Turn on Hyper terminal application, make new connection at 57600 baud.
  • Copy following line, right click in Hyper terminal and click on ‘paste to host’ option. ~VOICE100^~VOICE101^~VOICE102^~VOICE103^
  • Audio unit will play all messages one after another
  • Change message number to 200 / 300 / 400 /500 / 600 to change languages.
  • Similarly use ~WRITExxx^ command to write new audio file.


  • Do not splash water on the Audio unit. It is a speaker box and water splash may damage speaker inside.
  • Do not drop or throw Audio unit from height.
  • Do not try to pull the cable out of Audio unit.
  • Do not apply power of higher voltages for testing.
  • Mounting should be firm to avoid damage due to vibration.
  • Do never open the unit, no serviceable parts inside.

Physical Specification of the unit

  • Box size 4x4 inch.
  • ABS box dark gray or black color.
  • Outer box size is 80x80x50(LxHxW).
  • 200gm total weight.
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